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Home Theater

  Custom Home Theater

Audio Vision has an innovative custom home theater team dedicated     to designing and custom building the home theater or media room of   your dreams. From custom made speaker columns to walkway lighting,   Audio Vision combines digital theater sound with the latest innovations   in theater seating, lighting, flooring, acoustical treatments, and more.   Call or e-mail us today to find out how you too can experience big         theater sound in the privacy of your own home.

Theater Room Acoustics

Acoustics are essential in any home theater. Whether you are dedicating an entire room or you just want to improve the acoustics in your family room or den, our panels and systems are the answer. Our Site-fabricated System has long been the choice of home theater enthusiasts. The speed and ease of installation, the flexibility in design, and our free-floating design, guarantee a fantastic finished product. No more wooden frames or “wrapping” panels, and no vertical seams. Our track system will custom fit your space from screen wall to back wall, and contour to any architectural detail.

Theater Seating

From Ready to order theater seating or seating custom made to your liking, Audio Vision has the selection everyone would want in putting together the theater or entertainment room of you and your families dreams.