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control from your ipad

Imagine your home remembering to lock itself at 10 pm and shades that close as the sun hits;  Imagine a home theater system that automates its own lights, and sound and picture with just one touch. With Audio Vision and Control4 everything works together the way you want it to.  Life is just better with a little more control.

Control Options

Control your lighting, security, television, audio system, thermostat, pool, cameras  and  much more, all with one touch. From your Ipad, smartphone, laptop, TV or an in-wall touch screen, Audio Vision will guarantee all the control you will ever need is  there at arm’s reach.


Bring the same great music quality you enjoy inside your home, outside, with great waterproof rock speakers or distributed direct burial speakers from Audio Vision. At Audio Vision we understand the harsh climate your speakers can endure from season to season, so we ensure that the best design and quality are used in every outdoor music system.